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    • Septic Systems Cleaned and Repaired
    • Inspections for Real Estate Transfer and Mortgage Refinance
    • State Certified Drinking Water Testing
    • Drain and Tile Cleaning
    • Non-Invasive Leach Bed Rejuvenation
    • Sewer Line Cleaning Root Cutters
    • Water Jet, Sink Drain Cleaning
    • Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance
  • A Trusted Name For Over 50 Years!

    Are You Selling or Refinancing?

    Often it is required by a lender to have a septic system inspection. We can help!
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  • Caring For Your Septic System

    With proper maintenance a septic system should function for many years with no real problems. How often you need to pump the solids from your septic tank is determined by the number of people in the household and the capacity of your septic tank.
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    What's In Your water?

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

All Drinking water wells, public and private, should be tested periodically for bacterial contamination. Bacterial contamination can come from surface water, flooded well pits, malfunctioning equipment, and this is just a few of causes or contamination. Bacterial contamination is the common means of contracting water born diseases and illnesses. Symptoms can be as minor as a runny nose or other cold like conditions, or as severe as stomach flu or irritable bowels. The cost of having your water tested for bacteria is extremely nominal compared to possible doctor office visits!

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